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Childcare Funding
Covering the Cost of Childcare
Navigating the expenses associated with childcare can pose challenges, particularly given the current economic conditions. The UK government provides various subsidised childcare initiatives aimed at easing the financial burden.

Explore the array of options at your disposal to identify how childcare funding can alleviate the financial strain on your family.

Smart Kids Day Nursery | Childcare Funding

Smart Kids Day Nursery | Childcare Funding

Changes to Funded Childcare

In March 2023, the government unveiled proposals to extend the availability of subsidized childcare hours, encompassing younger children. You could qualify for 15 hours of funding for your 2-year-old if you are employed and earning a minimum of 16 hours per week at either the national living wage or the minimum wage, as long as your annual income does not exceed £100,000.

For couples, these criteria apply individually to each partner. If one partner is not employed or if either earns over £100,000, eligibility for the funding is not met.

For additional information regarding the latest funding initiatives, sign up to the official government Childcare Choices website.

Tax-Free Childcare

Tax-Free Childcare stands as a governmental initiative in the UK, strategically crafted to assist employed parents in managing childcare expenses.

For every 80p contributed by you or another party, the government will supplement it with an additional 20p. This enhancement mirrors the standard tax rate of 20%, thereby earning the scheme its distinctive name.

Smart Kids Day Nursery | Childcare Funding

Teacher with nursery students

15 Hours Funded

In England, two government-sponsored programs provide 15 hours of free early education and childcare for children aged two, three, and four:

  • 15 hours of funded childcare specifically for eligible 2-year-olds.
  • 15 hours of funded childcare available to all 3 and 4-year-olds.
30 Hours Funded

There is also the opportunity to receive the provision of 30 hours of funded childcare to eligible families.

While all 3 and 4-year-olds in England currently receive 15 hours of weekly government-funded early education, those with parents living and working in England may qualify for an extended benefit of 30 hours of funded childcare, equating to a total of up to 1,140 hours per year.

Teacher with nursery students

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Your Child's Learning Begins
Our commitment to your child's early education shows in the way their excitement at learning grows.
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Watch Your Child Grow
Our children learn throughout the day during play, socialising and mealtimes.
What Parents Say About Smart Kids Day Nursery
Based on 9 reviews
Karen McQuaid
Karen McQuaid
I am so pleased with my choice of nursery- my son has been at Smart Kids Day nursery since he was 9months old (now 13 months). He has settled so well with the help of the brilliant staff. The staff and management are very attentive, they all are genuinely interested in my sons development and I trust their judgement wholly. The staff seem to really get on with each other and enjoy their jobs, and the kids benefit hugely from the fun relaxed atmosphere.
Ayka Zayka
Ayka Zayka
My son is going to Smart Kids nursery and he is always happy to go to his nursery🤗the staffs are very friendly, you can leave your child with peace in your heart at Smart Kids nursery they will take good care of your child.Thank you for looking after my Aziz♥️Highly recommended 🤗
Lizzy Adams
Lizzy Adams
Gorgeous place! Staff are so kind, fun and caring. My toddler does a happy dance before going in (most days...). Highly recommended
Kerry Say
Kerry Say
This nursery is really lovely. All the staff are so kind and caring and work very hard. My son loves it there. My son will carry on attending even tho we are moving to another area.
Natasha Vaughan
Natasha Vaughan
My son has been attending Smart Kids for a month. I am so pleased with how he has settled into the baby room with amazing support from Grace. The entire team has made my son and I feel so welcome here. Dad and I have noticed positive changes in our sons sleep pattern and see how excited he is to go to nursery- he literally jumps out of my arms when greeted by staff (I’m not sure whether to be offended 🤣). We are really happy with the services being provided by such a lovely team. Because it is out first child we were very nervous parents, thank you for making this transition so smooth and easing our minds.
Bisola James
Bisola James
My son has been very happy since he started here, he adores the staff and always waves at the manager when we walk by the nursery on his days off. In the past 10 months there has been some exceptional changes, as a parent I have been kept up to date via the newsletter emails and parents board and appreciate all the hard work and commitment from the staff regarding my sons developement. The new team is amazing and I can’t thank them enough.
Carla Diogo
Carla Diogo
This is a really nice nursery, very friendly and most importantly look after my son well and keep me updated with his daily routine. My son loves being there.
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Why Choose Smart Kids Day Nursery
Our comprehensive staff training programme ensures that everyone in our team is up to date on the latest guidance, techniques, learning programmes, and first aid. This way, when your child is attending Smart Kids Nursery, they are cared for and looked after in the very best way. This ensures you feel comfortable and confident while you are away from them.
We have a strict safeguarding policy at Smart Kids Nursery which is never compromised ensuring your child is in the safest hands. With 26 year's experience, we have built a positive management team and systems are in place to guarantee our hygeine standards and behaviour policies are always up to scratch. We partner with local schools so our teams can prepare your child for their next step.
Our Promise
Our testimonials from parents past and present speak for themselves and assure you that when we say we are committed to your child's development and well-being, it is completely true. We enjoy watching children grow and learn while they are with us and we take pride in ensuring they enjoy each and every day they spend with us.

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Smart Kids Day Nursery | Childcare Funding
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