choosing a nursery in peckham

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Nursery

Choosing a nursery for your child can be a daunting experience – especially when it may be coupled with returning to work after maternity leave, or perhaps you just feel your child needs to have time with other children away from the security of mum and dad. There is so much to consider that you may feel overwhelmed at which is the right place to send your little one. The team at Smart Kids Day Nursery in Peckham completely understand the decision that parents have to make and the importance of choosing a setting where a child will thrive and grow. We looked at the areas you may want to think about when making that difficult decision:

First Impressions
We are always told how important first impressions are and childcare is certainly no exception. When you arrive at a childcare setting, how welcome do the team make you and your child feel? Do you feel like you are being invited into a family home or that you have arrived at a business? How you are made to feel is a valuable insight into how your child will feel each time they arrive. When you look into the rooms, how do the children seem – are they relaxed and happy? Are they given the opportunity to explore while having the safety of grown ups nearby?

5 things to consider when chooing a nursery in peckhamDay to Day Activities
Does the childcare setting have a structured routine each day? Ask about the planned activities they do each day – perhaps they offer language classes like we do here at our nursery in Peckham, do they give the children the opportunity to cook and bake, do they have the chance to try yoga each week? Experiences such as these can really help a child grow and become more independent, giving them confidence when it comes to starting at primary school. When you are considering a nursery, look at the outdoor space and how much time your child will have the opportunity to go out there and learn to navigate the slide themselves or be able to hunt around for pretty leaves, unusual bugs etc.

When you visit a childcare provider, you will be able to see first hand how the team interacts with the children in their care and also how the children respond to them – adults can change their behaviour when potential parents are around – but children will not! It’s worth looking into how qualified the team are and what experience they may have. Should your child have any additional needs, perhaps question if they have dealt with similar circumstances previously.

5 things to consider when choosing a nurseryFood & Nutrition
If the nursery is providing meals and snack for children in their care, do they focus on the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet like we do at Smart Kids Day Nursery? We are currently registered for the Eat Better Start Better scheme which was established to assist childcare providers such as ourselves with providing healthy, balanced and nutritious food and drink. The food we provide ensures your child receives all of the energy they need for a busy day of learning and fun.

Staff to child ratio
There are strict staff to child ratios that must be adhered to in a childcare setting. There must be one member of staff for every three children under two, one adult to four children aged 2-3 and one adult to six children over four years of age. The ratios change again when the children are over 8.

nurseries in peckhamThese are just a few areas you may wish to consider when deciding on a nursery setting for your child. If you’re looking for a nursery in the Peckham area, book a visit with us and see what you have to offer you and your child – we can’t wait to meet you and show you what we offer!