how children benefit from a nursery in Peckham

When we have children, there are many decisions to be made – should you wean using the traditional method or do baby-led weaning? Should you let them “cry it out” or go comfort them? Disposal nappies or re-usable? The list of things to decide upon is endless, including what type of childcare is best for your young child. Here’s a quick look at how children benefit from a nursery in Peckham and why Smart Kids Day Nursery may just be the best choice for you and your family…

nursery in peckhamSocial Skills
Attending a nursery setting from a young age enables babies and toddlers to learn to socialise with their peers and they quickly learn to make friends and how to share and take turns.

Learning new skills
Our team are dedicated to helping your child learn new skills that will help them when they come to starting school. The range of skills they learn is wide, and includes how to hold a crayon and making marks, how to tidy up their paints and toys, how to sit at a dinner table with others – the list of these important skills is endless and they will be having so much fun while they do so, they won’t even realise they are learning.

nusery in peckhamIndependence
It is easy to find yourself doing everything for your toddler, but when they are at our nursery setting in Peckham, they quickly adapt to finding their own peg when their coat goes, for example, and they learn that they can enjoy time with others that aren’t Mummy and Daddy (which gives you time to run errands/take a break/get back to work!)

Getting Primary School Ready
The structure and routine of a nursery can be invaluable to your child when it comes to starting at a primary school. They will already be used to the structure and routine that the will find at school and spending time away from Mummy and Daddy isn’t a new thing which makes the transition so much easier.

This is just a short list of the advantages of booking your child into Smart Kids Day Nursery in Peckham – there are many, many more! Book an appointment to come and see our team and take a look at everything we have to offer you and your child.