importance of early childhood education nursery in peckham

There is great importance of early childhood education for children who hope to begin their educational journey at nursery level. Children who go to nursery school will be placed in an advantageous starting position to learn various types of skills. These skills will serve them well as they grow, and transition through the education levels.

For parents who are looking for the right nursery to place their children, this blog will delve into important skills your child will stand to benefit from being in early childhood education.

importance of early childhood education peckhamThe beginning of basic knowledge development
Nurseries are not just a place for childminding. It’s an environment where the seed of knowledge first sprouts. Knowledge is an asset to a person’s life, even more so for a child. Nurturing and developing that seed of knowledge puts children in Early Childhood Education in an advantageous position to show potential in oral language, reading comprehension skills, and critical reasoning.

Our Smart Kids Nursery is an environment that strongly emphasises stimulating learning. By leaving your child with us, you don’t ever have to worry about your child falling behind.

Socialising through diversity
Even as adults we never stop learning from other perspectives, and this is an essential teaching in young children. Early Childhood Education provides children the chance to learn from others through diversity and inclusion.

Children are put in an environment where they will get to meet and socialise with other children from different backgrounds and cultures. Our nursery encourages and celebrates a unification of varying backgrounds.

Progressing Cognitive skillsimportance of early childhood education
Through Early Childhood Education, children can improve cognitive skills that’ll help them navigate through situations as they grow up. These skills involve the progressive building of learning skills, like attention, memory, and thinking.

Why are these cognitive skills important for a child? These skills help children learn to evaluate, analyse, remember, compare, and understand cause and effect.

Improving Confidence and Concentration
Learning to socialise with other children, and encouraging the freedom to create are important for children in nurseries. It’s also equally important to teach children how to become confident and how to concentrate. Coming into a new environment, your child could become shy. Although, stepping into an environment that nurtures confidence and concentration will melt away any shyness.

With confidence, children can create without fear and allows them to make mistakes without giving up. Additionally, with concentration children learn how to stay within the state of flow that will enable them to create.

early years education in peckhamStrengthening Elasticity & Resilience
Even with confidence and concentration, there will also be occasions that children might not be able to overcome on the first try. Children need that elasticity to bounce back from adversity. With Early Childhood Education, nursery practitioners can teach children how to be more resilient.

Early education is the perfect foundation for teaching children how to build coping strategies that will better serve them when they come up against challenges. Our Smart Kids Nursery creates a nurturing yet challenging environment that puts the building blocks together to gain resilience.

Smart Kids Day Nursery’s values aim to provide the highest standards of childcare and we are committed to continuous improvement through the development of our staff. We ensure that our nurseries are safe and offer a stimulating learning environment for children.